termination-of-employment-rights-and-responsibilities (1)
Workers right and Responsibilities.

Employees should have many rights and responsibilities in order to have a safe working environment. People on the job have a right to know about the different hazard on the worksite. Someone who works in the fast food industry are more likely subjected to getting burns from mishandling of food or if they are not used to working around a stove. Employers and managers should inform and train workers about hazards and dangers of the job because a lot of people especially those unexperienced are more likely to end up with serious injuries.You should also have the right to let employers know if your not sure how to do a particular task. For instance if your a electrician and your working with tools your unfamiliar with it is important to let your boss know in order to be safe on the job. People should have the right to refuse any task on the job they weren’t trained in. Doing a job your not certified in can cause accident for you or people around you. 

They are also quite a few responsibilities  a employee should abide by.  From what is outlined in the video using proper equipment when doing your job. A wielder for example should always wear a protective helmet at all times to avoid damage to their eyes. light sensitivity is one of the side effects from looking at welding light. People with this condition have problems seeing in see in sunlight and other bright lights.  Following safe work procedures should also be priority for every worker. This includes assessing a risk if it needs to be or and identifying hazards. Making sure you ask  for proper training is also your responsibility. In the workforce a job should never be approached without training in that area. These are some of the rights and responsibilities you should follow in order to be safe on the job


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