Importance of Ergonomics.
Ergonomics should be practiced in every work environment. It is beneficial in preventing a lot of work related injuries and problems which can be very harmful to your health. From watching the video provided it gave me a clear understanding on how ergonomics helps when someone has a bad posture at work or home. This includes sitting with your back bend around the computer for long periods of time or standing and slouching. Poor posture can back pains and also cause some of your organs such as your lungs to not function efficiently. Practicing ergonomic techniques such as standing straight and using ergonomic aids when sitting can greatly help your posture.

MSD also known as Musculoskeletal disorder is another thing Ergonomics can prevent. Some of these include Carpal tunnel syndrome, Tendinitis and trigger finger.They are a lot of processes that can protect workers from these disorders some of which are management support ,identifying problems and proper training. Management support includes discussing with workers about goals and importance about ergonomic success. Preventing a problem before it happens is another way ergonomics can be helpful in the workforce. For instance if someone is not practicing good ergonomic techniques it would be useful for one of the other employers to identify the problem before it results in MSD. Last but not least proper training is always important. Proper training ensures workers are aware of the benefits of ergonomics. It would also be useful in making sure people in the workforce report any early symptom of MSD. From the information given it clear that ergonomics should be practiced by everyone weather at home or working in order prevent health issues.

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